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The work of the Forum, the Council and the Bylaws Committee of KUSZEu continues until the 30th November 2012, when the Bylaws will be finalised and adopted. The current working version of the Bylaws (version 5) is available here or as a pdf. This was the version presented at the Sangha weekend 22 September 2012 in Warsaw and on which the final version to be adopted December 2012 will be based.

From ZM Ji Kwang: “I would like to express my deep appreciation to all of you for your help with the bylaws project. … it was possible to react adequately to the forum’s discussion and revise the bylaws in a good way. This was proved by the fact that during our Sangha weekend the present draft of the bylaws has been discussed in a positive light and the reaction of the vast majority was very affirmative. We have a clear mandate to proceed and finish the bylaws in the present spirit by 30th November 2012.”

This page is for Questions and Answers. Please post here any questions you have about the Bylaws (including questions that you may have posed on the Forum previously but you feel were not answered there or at the Sangha weekend 22 September) and the Bylaws Committee, EO or Council will try to answer you. Please keep your questions brief and focused; if you have more than one question, post them separately. If you wish to make suggestions or comments about a particular part of the Bylaws, please do so on the Suggestions page, rather than this page. Thank you for all your help.

Please always post your questions on the top level, not as nested replies to a previous question, as the reply facility will be used for posting answers. This will help to keep everything simpler and easier to follow. Please do not try to reply to others people’s questions unless you are authorised to do so. The text entry box for your questions is at the bottom of this page, under “Your Feedback”.



8 thoughts on “Q&A”

  1. This weekend, at the Sangha Weekend in Falenica, I learned that the teachers’ compact… states that it is the teachers’ responsibility not only to run the school spiritually but also its administration … Could you please post the exact wording of this passage of the teachers’ compact, so that we can understand better on what base the bylaws necessarily need to operate?

    • ● After setting out the teaching tradition and the school organisation, the compact states: “The teaching and administrative authority for the school is thus vested in the School Zen Master, and the Zen Masters and Ji Do Poep Sa Nims.”
      ● Just before the end of the compact and the signature, this is emphasised: “The Kwan Um School of Zen will be governed by the teachers who are aligned with the direction set forth in this compact and thus choose to sign it.” — EO and ZMJK

  2. In an earlier draft of the bylaws, the board of directors would be led by the European Abbot, while the other board members would be elected by the whole Sangha and could be students as well as teachers. Why did you change this into the current model that cuts the Sangha’s voting power and excludes students from the board?

    • ● The term “board of directors” is used in the bylaws only in connection with local groups/Zen centers, who can have their own boards of directors, elected by and consisting of students. §5(3)
      ● The Meeting of Members of KUSZEu consists of teachers and elected deputies of the national sanghas (students). §9(1)
      It elects the Council, which is the board of directors of KUSZEu and represents us legally. §9(5), §10
      ● The EO is the executive board of KUSZEu. The members of the EO are called directors and have executive functions, but they are students appointed by the Council to do particular jobs and have no decision-making power. The Council has authority over the EO. §10(8,9), §11
      — EO and Council

    • Sorry, my question wasn’t clear. I am referring to a draft of the bylaws from mid 2010 that included a board of directors. So, maybe could you update your answer? Thx!

    • ● There have been many drafts of the bylaws and ideas over many years. The EO does not know the history, and the Council will not give you an account of why certain changes may have occurred in the evolution of the bylaws.
      ● The currently proposed bylaws state that the Council (=KUSZEu board of directors) is elected from among the teachers of our lineage, by electors both students (deputies) and teachers, §9(5)a. This maximizes the democratic basis of the school’s operation while remaining faithful to the founding principle laid down by ZM Seung Sahn: that the school should be governed by teachers at the regional and international levels. Maybe the 2010 draft did not do so.
      — EO and Council

  3. Anonymous said:

    Bylaws say “Regional Head Zen Master in Europe is elected by the European Board of Trustees, composed of the authorized Zen Masters and Dharma Masters residing in Europe”. As Wu Bong SSN is not residing in Europe, it mean he is not on Europe board of trustees. So he can not be head ZM for Europe in future? Or teachers can elect some ZM who is not on Europe board of trustees as head ZM for Europe?

    • Wu Bong Soen Sa Nim is the head ZM for Europe, and he is still residing in Europe as he has his permanent accomodation at Berlin Zen Center. Currently he is doing his monks-training in Korea, which will take some more time. But he is regularly in Europe and remains a member of the European board of trustees. Therefore the basic principle remains unaffected that only members of the European board of trustees can become head ZM for Europe. — ZMJK

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